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Why Ceramic Coating?

Similar in purpose to wax and polymer coatings, ceramic coatings are designed to help protect your vehicles clear coat, thus maintaining its shine. Unlike carnuba wax and polymer coatings, ceramic coatings are chemically bound to the surface of your clear coat, resulting in a chemical resistant and enduring finish that can't be washed off. Depending on the application, ceramic coatings can protect your vehicle upwards of 5 years, where as other coatings require re-application every few months or less. For those reasons, ceramic coatings are becoming the industry standard for paint protection on high-end and exotic vehicles. Premier Detail Solutions has over 20 years in the automotive detail industry and is also a Accredited Installation Center for System X Ceramic Coatings, a leader in ceramic coating technologies. For more information keep reading or click below to schedule a free consultation with a member of our team today!

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Colorado has one of the harshest environments for your vehicles finish, That is why we carefully selected System X Ceramic Coatings as our go to ceramic product. Chemically engineered to protect your vehicles finish from a wide array of harmful factors such as ; UV rays, insect contaminates, magnesium chloride, sand, and exhaust pollutants. Not only are our technicians trained in the coating application process, they are experts in paint restoration and detail buffing. This ensures that once we are done with your vehicle, it shines like new or better.

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benefits of ceramic coatings

ease of maitenance

Since ceramic coating are hydrophobic (water repellant), dirty rain water rolls right off your vehicles surface, it makes maintaining your vehicles finish a breeze. With less time to stick to your vehicle and dry, water droplets filled with dirt and dust don't leave behind nearly as much water spots as traditional finishes when washing your vehicle.

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