Anthony Mulé

Premier Detail Solutions, LLC was founded by Anthony Mulé who has over 20 years of experience in the automotive paint restoration and detailing industry. He has helped thousands of people with their automotive wants and needs. Some of his clients include professional athletes, collector car enthusiasts and multiple detail shops through the Colorado region. Before devoting his time to his own business, Anthony worked among many of the most prestige detail shops in Colorado. He has honed and taught the skills of color sanding, buffing and ceramic coating. Not only is he experienced in making the outside of your vehicle beautiful, he can also give one of the best interior details in town! Since he was 9, he spent many long hours in the garage with his father (also an enthusiast) and a rotary buffer building his passion for making any car beautiful. He is the ultimate car enthusiast who enjoys all cars ranging from classic to exotics to hot rods. Over 20 years, he has perfected his technique to provide the best reflection and look of any paint job.


Here is a picture of his personal pride and joy. The color is a custom mix and the car can be seen at various local events showcasing his work so keep an eye out!